The certificate in Social Problems & Public Policy recognizes special expertise relevant to developing, implementing, and evaluating programs in education, health care, social work, personnel, law enforcement, and public administration.  This certificate program may prepare students for careers in social services and public administration.  You are required to complete FOUR courses with a grade of C or better.

Each course may be used for one certificate only.

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Social Problems & Public Policy Courses:

Sociology  3  (Social Problems)
Sociology 41 (Small Group Dynamics)
Sociology 43 City and Community)
Sociology 44 (Births, Deaths, and Migration)
Sociology 62 (Families and Intimate Relations)
Sociology 68 (Gender and Race Inequality in the Workplace)
Sociology 68A (Ethnic and Immigrant America)
Sociology 79 (Introduction to Social Work)
Sociology 135 (Social Psychology of Networks)
Sociology 141 (Organizations)
Sociology 142 (White Collar Crime)
Sociology 143 (Social Networks and Social Support)
Sociology 145 (Occupations and Professions)
Sociology 154 or 154W (Medical Sociology)
Sociology 156 (Deviance)
Sociology 157A (Sociology of Education)
Sociology 166 (Immigration and Inequality)
Sociology 167A or 167AW (Racial and ethnic Relations in the US)
Sociology 171 (Environment and Society)
Sociology 174 (Protests, Movements, and Revolution)
Sociology 177 or 177W (Immigration and Social Policy)
Sociology 179 (Economy and Society: Inequality and Public Policy)


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