Race & Ethnicity Research



Andrew Penner 
Gender, Inequality, Education, Family, and Race
Stanley R. Bailey
Race and Ethnicity, Religion, Latin America, Immigration
Frank Bean, Distinguished Professor Emeritus 
International Migration, Demography, Racial & Ethnic Relations, Economic Sociology, Family
Ann Hironaka (Cluster Coordinator)
Political Sociology, War & Peace, Environmental Sociology, Ethnic and Racial Conflict
Matt Huffman
Racial Inequality, Discrimination, Research Methods
Rocio Rosales
International Migration, Immigrant and Ethnic Economies, Urban Sociology, Qualitative Methods, Ethnography, Latino/a Studies, Race and Ethnicity
Rubén G. Rumbaut
International migration, social inequality and mobility, race and ethnicity
Irene Vega
International Migration, Racial Group Formation, Socio-Legal Studies
Edward Telles
Immigration, race, ethnicity, latin america, latinos
Mirian Martinez-Aranda
international migration, immigration detention, law and society, race and ethnicity
Asia Bento
race, ethnicity, inequality, economic sociology
Sherelle Ferguson
education, race and ethnicity, social stratification, social capital and social networks, qualitative methods





Students wishing to take the written field exam OR to fulfill a field requirement through submitting coursework must: 1) Take the Cluster's core course, Sociology 230A, and 2) take two elective courses from the list below: 

Core Course:

  • Race and Ethnicity, SOC 230A


Elective Courses:

  • Inequality
  • Racial/Ethnic Feminist Perspectives
  • Ethnic America
  • Race and Education
  • Immigration, Race, and the American Dream
  • Comparative Racial Perspectives
  • Contemporary Racial/Ethnic Theory
  • Immigrant America
  • Race/Ethnicity and Opportunity Structures


In order to take the written field exam, students initiate the process by 1) contacting the Cluster coordinator and 2) obtaining from the coordinator the Cluster's reading list. 

In order to meet a field exam requirement by submitting written work, students must obtain approval from the Cluster coordinator regarding the materials to be submitted for consideration.


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