Race & Ethnicity Research



Andrew Penner (Cluster Coordinator)
Gender, Inequality, Education, Family, and Race
Stanley R. Bailey, Co-Graduate Director
Race and Ethnicity, Religion, Latin America, Immigration
Frank Bean
International Migration, Demography, Racial & Ethnic Relations, Economic Sociology, Family
Ann Hironaka
Political Sociology, War & Peace, Environmental Sociology, Ethnic and Racial Conflict
Matt Huffman
Racial Inequality, Discrimination, Research Methods
Belinda Robnett-Olsen (On leave 2020-2021)
Social Movements, Race & Ethnicity, Gender, Social Change, African-Americans
Rocio Rosales
International Migration, Immigrant and Ethnic Economies, Urban Sociology, Qualitative Methods, Ethnography, Latino/a Studies, Race and Ethnicity
Ruben G. Rumbaut
International Migration, The "1.5" Generation, Comparative Race and Ethnic Relations, Structural Inequality, Identity, Health and Mental Health
Sabrina Strings, Undergraduate & Honors Program Director
Race, Gender, Embodiment, Sociology of Medicine, Sociology of Media
Irene Vega
International Migration, Racial Group Formation, Socio-Legal Studies
Edward Telles
Immigration, race, ethnicity, latin america, latinos





Students wishing to take the written field exam OR to fulfill a field requirement through submitting coursework must: 1) Take the Cluster's core course, Sociology 230A, and 2) take two elective courses from the list below: 


Core Course:

  • Race and Ethnicity, SOC 230A


Elective Courses:

  • Inequality
  • Racial/Ethnic Feminist Perspectives
  • Ethnic America
  • Race and Education
  • Immigration, Race, and the American Dream
  • Comparative Racial Perspectives
  • Contemporary Racial/Ethnic Theory
  • Immigrant America
  • Race/Ethnicity and Opportunity Structures


  • In order to take the written field exam, students initiate the process by 1) contacting the Cluster coordinator and 2) obtaining from the coordinator the Cluster's reading list. 
  • In order to meet a field exam requirement by submitting written work, students must obtain approval from the Cluster coordinator regarding the materials to be submitted for consideration.



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