Stanley R. Bailey
Latin America, race and ethnicity, religion, US-Mexico border

Nina Bandelj
economic sociology, organizations, culture, social networks, comparative sociology, central and Eastern Europe

Catherine Bolzendahl
comparative welfare state research, gender inequality, family formation, and public opinion

David John Frank
globalization, sexuality, the natural environment, higher education

Ann Hironaka
cultural logics of war; collective identity construction; institutional theory

Julia Lerch

Comparative sociology of education, globalization and world culture, refugees and humanitarian emergencies, international development

Evan Schofer
comparative political sociology; sociology of education; globalization and global Culture; environmental sociology.    

David A. Smith*
world systems analysis, urbanization, development, comparative-historical sociology, dependent development in East Asia    

David Snow
collective behavior and social movements, social psychology, urban, social problems, culture and qualitative methods    

Yang Su
social movements and collective action, political sociology, China's political transition    

Wang Feng
Contemporary demographic, economic, and social processes, social inequality in state socialisms, contemporary Chinese society



(subject to change, check with the department or the cluster coordinator):

  • SOC 249- Seminar on Mass Killings and Genocide (Snow and Su)
  • SOC 259- Global Culture and Organization (Frank)


2005 - 2006


  • SOC 222A- Comparative Historical Sociological Methods (Stepan-Norris)
  • SOC 259- Globalization and World-System (Smith)


  • SOC 249- Comparative Contentious Politics (Su)


2006 - 2007 


  • SOC 252A- Global Urbanization (Smith)


  • SOC 249- Post-Communist Societies (Bandelj and Wang)


  • SOC 239- Comparative Racial Perspectives: US vs. Latin America (Bailey)


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