2019-2020 Job Candidates



Alma Garza


Treading Borders: How College and Community Cultures Shape the Upwardly Mobile Experiences of Mexican-Origin Students Cynthia Feliciano (Co-Chair), Ruben Rumbaut (Co-Chair), Francesca Polleta, Rocio Rosales, and Amy Binder

Apoorva Ghosh


After Coming Out: Parental Acceptance of Gay Men in the U.S. and India

Francesca Polletta (Chair), David J. Frank, and Charles Ragin

Ben Gibson


Improving Dynamic Models for Social Networks

Carter T. Butts (Chair), Katherine Faust, Matt Huffman, Andrew Noymer, Cynthia Lakon

Ben Leffel


Sociology of Global Urban Climate Change Mitigation David A. Smith (Chair), David J. Frank, Wang Feng, Michael J. Prather, and Scott A. Bollens

Oshin Khachikian


Striving Together? Culture, Institutions and Peer Social Capital in Second-Generation Americans' Path to College

Nina Bandelj (Chair), Richard Arum, Min Zhou, and Cynthia Feliciano

Chris Gibson


Local Agencies in Global Markets: Water, Economy, and the Environment

Nina Bandelj (Chair), Dave Smith, Evan Schofer, and Valerie Olsen

Francis Lee


Novel Applications of Statistical Network Models for HIV Research

Carter T. Butts (Chair), Katherine Faust, Steven Goodreau, and David Schaefer

Jess Lee


Shifting Boundaries of Asian America: Ethnic Heterogeneity and Intermarriage

Catherine Bolzendahl (Chair), Judith Treas, and Belinda Robnett

Megan Brooker


Renegotiating Movement-Party Alignments: How Social Movements Shape and Respond to Presidential Elections

David S. Meyer (Chair), Edwin Amenta, David John Frank, Lisa Leitz, and Michael Tesler

Jason Mueller


Beyond 'Miracle States' and 'Blood Diamonds': State Strategy, Dispossession, and Diamond Extraction in Botswana and Zimbabwe David A. Smith (Chair), Charles Ragin, Shimelis Gulema
Zaibu Tufail


Who is in Debt? The Role of Social Class, the Welfare State and a Culture of Finance Nina Bandelj (Chair), Katie Bolzendahl, Matt Huffman, Katie Porter


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