2017/2018 Job Candidates



 Anna Penner


  Extra-Ordinary Siblings: The Early Life Course Consequences of Having a Sibling with a Disability  

 Judith Treas (Chair), Greg Duncan, Rachel Goldberg, Kristin Turney

 Ann Fefferman


  Masculinities in Reproduction: Men's Engagement in Pregnancy Prevention and Early Parenting   Andrew Penner (Chair), Francesca Polletta, Kristin Turney, Jennifer Buher-Kane, Wendy Goldberg, Ushma Upadhyay 

Ben Gibson 


  Improving Dynamic Models for Social Networks  

Carter T. Butts (Chair), Katherine Faust, Matt Huffman, Andrew Noymer, Cynthia Lakon

Burrel Vann Jr 


  Normalizing Substance: The Transformation of Marijuana Politics in the United States   Edwin Amenta, David Meyer, Charles Ragin

Christine Tomlinson 


  Masters of the Realm: Understanding Success and Achievement Among Women Video Games  

Francesca Polletta (Chair), Katie Bolzendahl (Chair), Tom Boellstorff 

Cheng-Tong Wang 


  Global Culture and the Changing Family: World Society, Local Context, and Cross-National Trends in Divorce and Child Marriage   Evan Schofer (chair), Catherine Bolzendahl, David John Frank, Judy Treas

 Eulalie Laschever


  Opposing Movement Strategy, Critical Events, and Policy Change: How the Gun Control and Gun Rights Movements Responded to, and Capitalized on, the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting"   David S. Meyer (Chair), David Snow, Charles Ragin

Megan Brooker

  Renegotiating Movement-Party Alignments: How Social Movements Shape and Respond to Presidential Elections  

David S. Meyer (Chair), Edwin Amenta, David John Frank, Lisa Leitz, and Michael Tesler

 Monique Kelly

  Ideologies of Racial Mixing and Fusion in the Anglo-Caribbean: Jamaican Ethnic Oneness, Colorism, and Inequality  

Ruben Rumbaut (co-chair), Stanley Bailey (co-chair), Francesca Polletta, and Winston James 

Nicole Shortt

  Disability Legislation and Advocacy: A Comparison of the United States, the United Kingdom and Canada  

Edwin Amenta (Chair), Charles C. Ragin, David S. Meyer, Catherine Bolzendahl

 Pablo Torres

  Living for Mirrors: Identity Work and Class in Bodybuilding   David Snow (Chair), Ann Hironaka, Jacob Avery, David Frank 

 Robert MacPherson

  Neomercantilism and the Long-Term Structure of the Eurozone Crisis   David Smith (Chair), Nina Bandelj, Charles Ragin, Judith Stepan-Norris

Rodolfo Lopez

  The Paths and Consequences of Obtaining Political Allies in Chile   Edwin Amenta (Co-Chair), David Snow (Co-Chair), Charles Ragin
Zaibu Tufail   Who is in Debt? The Role of Social Class, the Welfare State and a Culture of Finance   Nina Bandelj (Chair), Katie Bolzendahl, Matt Huffman, Katie Porter


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