The certificate in Global & International Sociology recognizes intensive study of significant global issues and world regions undergoing rapid social change.  The certificate may prepare students for careers in global affairs, international organizations, international business, and law.  You are required to complete FOUR courses with a grade of C or better.

 Each course may be used for one certificate only.

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Global & International Sociology Courses:

Sociology 2   (Global and Transnational Sociology)
Sociology 43  (City and Community)
Sociology 44  (Births, Deaths, and Migration)
Sociology 144  (Politics, Power, and Society) 
Sociology 159 (Global Health and Development)
Sociology 159 (Social Inequality and Health)
Sociology 166  (Immigration and Inequality)
Sociology 170A (Vietnam War)
Sociology 170B (U.S. War on Terrorism)
Sociology 172 (Revolution and Post-Revolution China)
Sociology 175B (China in the Global Age)

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