2016/2017 Job Candidates




Amber Tierney 


"Captive Peoples: How Grievances and Institutional Targets Influence Mobilization and Consequent Outcomes" 


 Edwin Amenta (Chair), Francesca Polletta, Ruben RumbautLouis DeSipio 


Bonnie Bui

  "The Costs of Isolation: An Examination of the Association between Social Integration and Physical and Mental Health"    Katherine Faust (Chair), Cynthia Lakon, Kristin Turney, Bryan Sykes 


Britni Adams

  "Fathers Behind Bars: A Qualitative Examination of Father-Child Relationships During Incarceration"  

Kristen Turney (Chair), David Snow, Jodi Quas, Andrew Penner


Christine Tomlinson

  "Masters of the Realm: Understanding Success and Achievement Among Women in Video Games"   

 Francesca Polletta (Chair), Katie Bolzendahl (Chair), Tom Boellstorff 


Daniel Schneider


"Gendering Profession: Experiences of Nursing in the U.S."

  Judy Stepan-Norris (Chair), Matt Huffman, Belinda Robnett, Ellen Olshansky 


Eulalie Laschever


"Firing the Starting Gun: How the Gun Control and Gun Rights Movements Responded to, and Capitalized on, the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting"


 David Meyer (Chair), David Snow, Charles Ragin, Edwin Amenta 


Jessica Kizer

  "Skin Color Stratification and the Family: Sibling Differences and the Consequences for Inequality"   Andrew Penner (Chair), Cynthia Feliciano, Stan Bailey, Kirsten Turney


Matthew Pearce 

  "Macro - Macro Emergence: The Internet as a Cultural Institution"   Evan Schofer (Chair), David Frank, Ann Hironaka


Nolan Phillips

  "In Case of Emergency, Don't Break Glass: The Emergency Management Organizational Field as a Glassy Regime"     Carter T. Butts (chair), Katherine Faust, David John Frank, Evan Schofer


Robert MacPherson 

  "Neomercantilism and the Long-Term Structure of the Eurozone Crisis"    David Smith (Chair), Nina Bandelj, Charles Ragin, Judith Stepan-Norris 


Sean Drake

  "Academic Apartheid: School Segregation and the Criminalization of Failure in an Integrated, Diverse, and Affluent Community"    Jennifer Lee (Chair), David Snow, Jacob Avery, Gilberto Conchas 


Yader Lanuza 

  "My Family's Keeper: Immigrant-Native Differences in Children's Household Contributions"     Cynthia Feliciano (Chair), Nina Bandelj, Judith Treas, Rubén Rumbaut

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